School Reviews

My children have had an extraordinary experience at Wakefield. Take the greatschools rating with a grain of salt. It is the diversity of the student body and the awesome staff that make Wakefield a wonderful place to go to school.

I was worried about Wakefield because of the lower ranking (beware of the trolls) but the school has been nothing but outstanding. First, the facility is brand new and makes for an excellent learning environment. The staff and faculty are outstanding and responsive. The curricular choices prepare students for college. Numerous extra curricular opportunities from sports to academic choices are available for students to take advantage of if they choose to do so. As any school, it takes a village to support the student and it starts at home--you will receive the support you need from the school! So many of the graduating seniors have gone to Ivy league and highly ranked colleges. Parents need to make sure they support their child--be involved and know who their child's friends are and if you don't get to know their friends and parents. If you start seeing issues with your child, talk to the teacher. The teachers will tell you. We love Wakefield!

Dedication and commitment are the standard at Wakefield. From the Principal to the Janitors. Everyone is respectful and students are expected to give their best to ever task.

I am a parent of a Wakefield student, and we could not be happier with her academic, athletic, and social experience. Thanks in large part to outstanding teachers, she is excelling despite an incredibly rigorous freshman course load, including AP World History, Trigonometry, and other intensified courses. The Wakefield athletic experience has been equally rewarding, both as a participant and spectator. The varsity basketball team just won its fourth consecutive basketball conference championship on a buzzer beater, followed by the student body rushing the court in celebration. And her social life has never been better. She has developed strong friendships with a great group of Wakefield students, each of whom is smart, caring, funny, and mature enough to enjoy speaking with other parents. In short, Wakefield has exceeded all expectations!

As with every high school, it is what you make it. My oldest son graduated last year and as a military child, he has experienced many, many different schools and he loved Wakefield. It very diverse, as is Arlington. My oldest is a leader by nature, not a follower, he has his values in check, and there is little anyone can do that would have him to deviate from that. With that said, his friends are/were similar to him and he did well socially and academically there. I do have another son and my oldest told me not to send him to Wakefield because he is not, by nature, a leader and could easily fall into a "not so ideal" group, which are present EVERYWHERE. With my oldest advice, my youngest does not go there. It's that simple. Parents need to know their kids and stop looking at the outside influences for reasons/excuses as to why our children aren't succeeding . It starts at home and not when he or she hits puberty and starts doing things we don't like. It starts as soon as they come into our lives.

Being a transfer student at from half a world away, facing all those cultural differences and having no idea how the US education system works, not even mentioning language problems, I should be the last person whom you expect to be writing a review. Yet, having a chance to be here at Wakefield is indeed a life changing experience. Knowing about the school's through president Obama's speech in 2009, as a young, Vietnamese 5th-grader, I got the impression that Wakefield is an amazing school, a school that is recognized nationally. 5 years later from then, coincidentally, I have the chance to attend that high school as an international student and having the experience I could never ever dreamt about before. Not as I expected, Wakefield is not where unicorns and angels fly in the sky and everything is not pink. I freaked out, stepping in the building on the first day of school, I was terrified, worried and nervous. Being new to the school and the country, how can I probably fit in, and the most important thing, how the hell can I study when everything is in English? Magically, I did. The teachers were very understanding, not only they respect my background, they also understand my struggles. Who could ever imagine a US-VA history teacher that won't assume you know who George Washington is, a Pre-Calculus Intensified teacher that won't assume you know what is a TI-84 calculator, a Physics teacher who says that your English is ridiculous and you should be in AP Physics instead of Physics Intensified, a German teacher teaching you how to celebrate Thanksgiving, an English teacher who gives you a perfect recommendation letter even when you work extremely slow because she knows you're trying your best and last but not least, an incredible Sociology teacher who grades your efforts over the quality of your work. My life has totally transformed to a whole new level while being here at Wakefield as I discovered a lot more about the world, its diversity, myself and especially, the values of the United States of America and its people. I realized that unicorns and angels don't fly, they walk, ride bikes, drive cars and ride the school bus instead. I realized everything is not pink but green and white. Wakefield is an amazing community that helps students develop their perfectly imperfect personalities, and you must be an idiot if you're not realizing that.

From the principal to staff, the adults are generally positive, responsive, respectful, caring, and dedicated. The diversity of the school and the inclusiveness of students is exceptional. It isn't perfect but the culture of the school is strong and allows each student to succeed and many thrive.

It seems that people like to write reviews when and only when they have a problem with the school. Wakefield High School is one of the best high school's in the county. The teacher's care, and are highly responsive. I've had two children go through this high school. One of them is off to an ivy league law school, and the other is doing pre med at VCU. There's now way they could've been successful without the teacher's and faculty there. In all honesty, this school gets a bad rep because of it's large diversity and location. While their music programs and other programs do need reformation, this school is fantastic. Not only have the greatly improved in their academics, but they've hired some of the best teachers in the county. Washington Lee and Yorktown are good schools too, but there's something special about Wakefield. It's the reason why President Obama and many other dignitaries have visited on multiple occasions. This reason being that Wakefield has character and heart, (which seems to be lacking from the cookie cutter schools of North Arlington). Please seriously consider Wakefield as a choice for your son or daughter. They produce success stories, especially for those students who never felt they had a voice.

This school is a joke. This school does not care about it's students. It is a numbers game at this school. You are not important, you are a number they are just trying to push you to graduate and get you out anyway possible. Expectations are at all time low. Very little involvement or care for student activities, well being and success both in and beyond school. Big reform at this school needs to happen.

This is a horrible school. I am surprised it gets 4 stars here. After two years, we finally had our son transferred. I knew the school had poor reputation, but I used to think how bad can it be? New, fancy building, AP classes... I was wrong. It is worse than one can imagine. A teacher tells the class that they are free to do anything they want, because they are losers anyway, and 'works' on his computer. School principal is one big disappointment. I wish I took serious bad reviews from the very beginning. My piece of advise to parents - If you love your kid, stay away from Wakefield High School.