School Reviews

Moving to the area and this school sounds wonderful but how does it do with students with learnig disabilities, specifically Dyslexia?

Top Notch Academic! Great kids, great teachers, great administrators at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. Kids, and parents very happpy at TJ!

Top middle school in the area. The IB program sets Thomas Jefferson apart from other middle school in Arlington. Teachers are reacheable and approachable, they do work really hard together with the administrators to make students excel and reach their goals - to do better in all other areas not only academically. The school do breed some of the brightest in the area. Great location, just south of Ballston on S Glebe Rd. in an area that is safe and central, surrounded by some affluent neighborhood. Kids are recognized for their achievement and contribution. Great to see the IB program principles in action at TJ. The kids are great, there is no bullying. Great community overall at TJ - that is PTA, kids and the whole TJ family and community. My kids love TJ, they are busy with school work, endless activities, sports and serious clubs at TJ. They talk about how the teachers make their learning fun yet challenging! Simply the Best of the Best! Highly recommend TJ to parents - new comers and to all parents out there.

This school is the best middle school that I have seen so far. They create so many activities and field trips that we really enjoy. the building is in the best condition so we don't get bored at all in class. the teachers are great because they don't give up on us. There is always choices to like come after school or during lunch. The rules they have are agreeable with the students. Its a school where the students voice matters too. I am always looking forward to going the next year because I love the building I love how friendly the teachers are, and well they make learning fun. Especially the teachers they make games during class that makes us understand more about that particular subject. I really love this school also because when we have big activities like honor roll its really a great moment because they give us choices and actually give us something that proves that our hard work paid off. its really a school that I would recommend to anyone. And my favorite part about this school is that its an IB school.

This is just my first year, but I really enjoyed it. One of the best things about T.J is that's it is an IB school. Another thing is that they start talking about college in MIDDLE SCHOOL which is great. I really love Thomas Jefferson Middle school and the staff is also wonderful.

Great school. We are new to Arlington and had some concerns about being "south of 50." Thankfully, we have been pleasantly surprised. TJ has been great, our kids have had a relatively easy time transitioning in and the teachers have gone out of their way to reach out to our girls. Academics have been top notch and we have really appreciated the level of effort that the staff has put into making sure that our kids are being challenged and that they are obtaining a mastery of their material. Overall, I can't say enough good things about TJ - we are definitely looking forward to the next two years.

I love TJ!!!The teachers are amazing and I've learned a lot! If your looking for a wonderful, caring school, you've found one!

At first it was just like any other school. Now i have fit in well I don't get bullied, I have friends etc. Overall it's a good school

This is an not a good school. The facilities are below average, and the education is not great. I would not send your children here. Also the school offers very little freedoms to the kids.