School Reviews

Both my kids attend and we couldn't be happier. Not only are the kids excited to go to school, but we as a family feel that Montessori has made such a positive difference in our lives.

When we begin looking into public schools for first grade, we were not considering Montessori at all. Our son had spent pre-school and kindergarten at another Montessori and I just decided to go to the Full Circle open house on a whim. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by how elementary class was conducted and the initiative shown by the kids. That's when our relationship with Full Circle began. After the observation day, the administration team and especially Christie Yang really spent a lot of time and effort answering our questions and addressing our concerns. She was following our thought process very closely and put us in touch with the parents to help clarify our values when it came to education for our son. This was close to the beginning of summer and with all the chaos, we were very impressed with how good the administration was in following-up and we thought that if this is the care and professionalism they show to kids education, then chances are our son would be in the right place. Since our son has begun at Full Circle, we have been extremely happy. It's a unique environment where we also feel like we are going through our education again, but with a different perspective. It's very positive and while its pure Montessori, it's a very entrepreneurial environment where they try new things and adapt to kids educations needs. Its definitely not traditional and we put a lot of trust in the teachers but the entire group of elementary teachers is amazingly smart, positive and collaborative. Our son has been so happy here and loves learning what he does, because it usually stems from his own interests. He loves his teachers and also the group of kids and parents are very easy going and nice. Even the entire administration is wonderful to work with. Overall, Full Circle has made our son s elementary education a very pleasant, rewarding, and fun experience.

We had a wonderful experience at Full Circle. Our child attended the school for three years while in primary school. It was because of our positive experience that we moved our other child from public school to Montessori school. We found the teachers to be truly exceptional. Our teacher was amazing.... patient, kind, loving, and creative. The administration is very organized and professional. The parent network is very strong and we developed close friendships over the years. Our child thrived at this school and has a true love of learning because of it. We highly recommend Full Circle.