School Reviews

Not great. Get your kid in at Kindergarten or before if you want to have a good experience. This IS NOT the school for transfer students.

Our children have been at St Ann School for many years, and the school and community have been absolutely wonderful. The combination of rigorous academics coupled with an emphasis on character development makes St Ann a truly special school. I note that in one of the other reviews character development was mentioned - this does not surprise me. St Ann takes pride in turning out not just good students, but good people. Small class size (and a lack of overcrowding) directly leads to better instruction, more personal teacher-student interaction, and a great community feel. We love this school and are so proud to have our children here.

Our two daughters attend Saint Ann School and overall it has been a wonderful experience. We make the trek from McLean every day because of the beautiful faith-filled community, the dedicated faculty, and strong emphasis on academics and character development. My older daughter is officially a teenager now and while I will admit she has her moments, I am so proud of her kindness, self-confidence, empathy and poise. She has a remarkable sense of self. Her public speaking and writing skills are off-the-charts and I know that Saint Ann has had a lot to do with all of it. There are wonderful programs for the older students to spend time with the younger students, which contributes to the family feel. I agree with some of the reviews about the facilities. To be completely honest, it reminds me a bit of the Catholic elementary school I attended when I was a child. We could have made the choice to send our kids to a closer and/or nicer-looking school. However, the emphasis the school places on building the student academically and spiritually is priceless.

My son has been attending St Ann's since K3. We chose St Ann's for the community aspect, Christian approach, safe environment, and their love for their students. Our son has thrived in the school's environment making good friendships, along with us as parents. On an acadmeic level he has thrived in his classrooms. His current teacher/ kindergarten has taught our son to read, write letters,and sentences. She has also challenged him with his reading, and math skills such as telling time. He loved his kindergarten year it has been a gift to him and our family. Being military we move around a lot and look for a good academic environment for our children and a kind and special place. This little school is a little gem!

If you are looking for a faith-based school with great academic performance while still creating well rounded (great arts/music offerings, strong PE program, competitive sports teams, interactive technologies) students - St. Ann is, in my opinion, the best option in Arlington. My child is in 4th grade and has thrived in this community and we are happy to take advantage of all the varied opportunities provided. Additionally, St. Ann school is a strong, tight-knit community of parents, teachers, students, the parish and the administration that I feel is a second family for me and my child.

I have 2 children at this wonderful school. My children have become stronger in their faith since coming to this school and often give me kind ideas on how to ask God for help when things are stressful. Several things that set this school apart. -The hands-on science lab kids use from k-8 -Chromebooks in the upper grades -Lots of PE, recess (on a playground) and opportunities to move (for my wiggly boy) -Some of the homework is online so my kids aren't losing worksheets every day! -For my musical kid, there is a choir, an advanced band, a really nice music room, and a variety show (wrote own act) -For my for AAP kid (we left that), chess, lego robotics, STEM activities, family science night -For us, nice parents who are also our neighbors. We looked at a few schools where everyone was kind of scattered and we were getting on 495 for play dates. Lots of people walk to school events, and are friends outside of school. -For all of us, great teachers who really, really understand our needs as a family and can help diverse learners like my kids.

This school has taught my son NOTHING! He is learning material he has learned in the third grade! Many of the teachers are too old to teach and have no passion for it. There is a small class size but they are very racially biased. So the only people they would pay attention to are from a certain race.

St. Ann's is a close-knit, nurturing place. The physical plant is meager, but if that's what you prize in a school, no Catholic school in Arlington will impress you. What impressed us on our first visit as parents of a five-year-old 11 years ago: the kind, well-mannered, well-spoken, thoughtful, funny, and smart 8th graders who opened doors and answered our questions at the open house. With one kid having gone K through 8th there and two more doing the same, we've had our bumps and bruises along the way. But St. Ann's has proven to be a wonderful little Catholic school and community. Eight years of it produces a precious commodity: a 14-year-old you'd be proud to call your own, well-prepared to succeed in the area's best high schools, well-grounded in the virtues, and habitually kind to his or her fellows. Plus, St. Ann's beats St. Agnes like a rug, which is nice.

St. Ann School is a hidden treasure in Arlington, VA. The church and pastor are very supportive of the school. The principal and teachers have made numerous improvements to the school in just the past couple of years in terms of academics (Lab Learner science curriculum, computers, etc.) and enrichment (expanding after school opportunities for arts and music, mentoring program). The class sizes are small and children receive individual attention. The teachers are innovative. The school was also recognized in 2011 as a Department of Education Blue Ribbon School. It is a close knit and welcoming community and the school encourages parental involvement and feedback.

St. Ann is a really excellent school. We looked hard at St Thomas More, St Charles, St Agnes and McKinley when choosing a school but we liked St Ann the best. The academics are equal or superior to any of the others (test scores and 2011 Blue Ribbon Award are an indication of that). The smaller class sizes mean a better student-teacher ratio, plus there is an effort to integrate all the kids preK-8 (e.g., buddy system for events). The teachers are very good and totally dedicated to their students. Parents are very involved in supporting the school and volunteer work, plus you really feel like you have a say as a parent. The graduating kids go to Gonzaga, Visitation, O'Connell, etc. Since the new prinicipal joined a few years ago, there has been a steady influx of the latest educational tools (e.g., Science Lab Learner), too. The kids are really well-behaved, good kids with great study habits and few discipline problems. St Ann isn't as fancy as some other schools in this relatively upscale area, but it is the most solid place to send our kids. I read the one critical review below and I just don't get it. St Ann really is a nurturing learning community with shared values.