School Reviews

Absolutely wonderful. People just look at the test scores and then say guess it's a bad school, but doing that is stupid. Kenmore has a lot of students that don't speak english and how are they supposed to take science SOLs and do as well as a student that has known English their who life. Kenmore is the best STEAM school anywhere with the best STEAM teachers. Kenmore also has the best Band and Orchestra in the state as well as incredible Theater and Dance departments. If you are thinking about sending your kid here you really should I had the time of my life here and I still come back and visit because I loved the school and I loved my teachers.

In this school kids use terrible language, hurt people use inappropriate body languages and lost of kids are racist to white people! That may sound one sided but the latinos have called me white trash and I know that I am not poor. They all have boyfriends and girlfriends. The teachers don't care about the students using bad words and once I even herd a gym teacher using extreme language in front of some students. They didn't care nor did they even look over. Most of the teachers seem to hate there job and for parents who are considering having there kids go to this school I highly doubt that your kids have Ben exposed to some of the things these kids will openly say in front of teachers who don't even care.

My son has spent the past 2.5 years at Kenmore. It has been a wonderful experience for him. The teachers and curriculum have been top notch. Teachers are always available after school for support. I've felt communication with his teachers has been great, too. Kenmore has a very diverse community, which in my opinion is an asset. The school is set up in such a way that each grade is on a different floor, which is nice for the younger kids just entering middle school. All in all, I feel my child has had a great middle school experience at Kenmore and will be leaving well prepared for high school.

When we were looking for a new neighborhood in Arlington, after living in Arlington County for 16 years , we decided we wanted our children to attend Kenmore. There are several reasons: 1) It's the best middle school facility in the County - full of windows, light, great performance rooms and state-of-the art technology; 2) it's focus on the arts and STEM education really excited us. Do you know they have five 3-D Printers, while some other middle schools in the County have one? Their music and drama productions, technology-oriented and science-oriented programs are second to none in the County; 3) Yes, average test scores are lower than some schools, but that's because 45% or so of the student body is international and/or non-native English speakers. Once you breakdown by demographics - it is no different from the other Arlington Middle Schools. So, the test scores are largely irrelevant for comparison purposes; 4) What is relevant is the diversity - this is one of the most diverse middle schools in the area, not to mention Arlington. We think that is a huge asset; 5) Finally, the administration and teachers are incredible. For example, in the 6th grade the teachers take students to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Maryland - the history teachers teach them about Native American tribes that lived there, the science teachers teach about marine biology and blue crabs, and the English teachers have the children write poetry about the environment around them. True multidisciplinary learning! You see this in everything from the active science fairs to the music in the morning announcements. My eldest child LOVES going to middle school - and for that, I can't thank Kenmore enough.

I love it here soo much! Kenmore is literally the bestest school ever in the whole world!!

I feel as if some teachers don't even want to teach and just sit there and expect us to do work. I've been here for all 3 years now and I just want to say that out of all the teachers that I have had, Mr.Blackburn is honestly my favorite. I have enjoyed every second of his geography class this year. I'm also really sad I never get to sit in his classroom ever again after this year :( I love how his classroom is dim and I just feel so comfortable. I can't explain in words how amazing his class is. You would have to actually experience it to know. He's an awesome teacher! His way of teaching is really energetic and fun and it makes me want to learn more. I'm soooo luckyy that I got to be a comet!! I have learned so much from your class, Mr.Blackburn! Thank you for putting effort into teaching and making every little thing fun and stay awesome <3

First of all, I have created a plan to demonstrate a positive strategy at my school. There are a lot of students who don t follow the directions when the bell rings and walk in the wrong hallway. For those who walk in the wrong hallway, I am going to tell them to make a poster during Excel. The poster is going to show pictures of students walking in the right direction. Then, we are going to have a poster contest and the winner will get prize. The winning poster will be displayed in the main hallway. I think that's how we can make our KMS a better place.

The review about the food fight was true. I'm a 7th grader at Kenmore and honestly, I'm so glad that I'm going to move to Fairfax county next year or so. Majorities of the teachers doesn't really want to teach but some do though. Some students here are pretty much "rebels", acting that they're cool and thinks they're "big kids" now. Like talking back to the teachers, skipping classes, fighting each others physically, dramas, etc... Basically a huge hot mess. Racism happens here and there. I only like this school because of the friends I made here.

We are students of Kenmore Middle School, and we want you all to know how disappointed in this school we are. The staff is unsatisfactory, and don't make it easy to learn. The teachers do as little teaching as possible. And even though there are some great teachers, some just don't want to teach. The administration staff is a whole different story. WE ABSOLUTELY HATE THESE PEOPLE!! They are so idiotic they are ridiculous. The other day there was a 'food fight' and nothing was done about it. Then the next day the students were 'too loud' and missed all of seventh period to practice walking down the hall silently. One girl got in trouble for fixing her pants. Overall we are disappointed in Kenmore and have been looking for alternate schooling possibilities and our parents agree. The students of Kenmore Middle School,

Kenmore Middle School has excellent teachers and facilities. Several of the teachers have been selected as "teacher of the year" by Arlington County; more than have been selected from the other middle schools in the County.