School Reviews

Our school has been great for my daughter. In the first semester of Kindergarten, our daughter has progressed so much further than when she was in pre-school this year. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Kirk, and the school and the PTA keep you well informed about our daughter's progress and school developments. For parent involvement, my wife has enjoyed the opportunities to participate in-class activities and be a classroom parent.

The teachers at Barrett are superb. They get to know each child as an individual so that they can better foster his or her development. The Barrett Community is friendly and welcoming. The school has tons of resources to insure that every child learns. In particular we like that it is a NASA explorer school with a science focus. My children love it!

Great school. My kid loves it there. The emphasis on science and math (e.g., Project Discovery) is great and really unique in Arlington.

I don't know what "parent" wrote the previous review but it can not possibly be a parent with a child at Barrett or they would know that almost everything they stated is false. There are a lot of students who receive free lunch, but the classes are not 80% Hispanic. Barrett is a choice school but they have not been accepting out of boundary children for years since they have been at capacity, except for siblings. There are indeed children from N. Arlington school districts such as Ashlawn, McKinley, and Nottingham who chose Barrett over their neighborhood program. Arlington Forest is a very sought-after neighborhood because of its relatively affordable homes, good location, and strong sense of community, which carries over to the elementary school. I have had one child at Barrett for four years and another who will start soon. We do know of a few children who left Barrett for other schools because it wasn't a good fit for them, but everyone we know there currently is very pleased with the school.

Barrett Elementary is a fabulous school with a wonderful, experienced principal and dedicated staff. We were lucky to be able to choose to attend Barrett when transfers were permitted from nearby "cluster" schools and the community has become our community even though we don't live in the neighborhood. It has been a great fit for my children educationally and socially. Barrett has been recognized for its leadership in human rights and community building and does amazing things to bring everyone together in a rich learning environment. Barrett students are engaged in many ways and are lucky to have the Science Discovery Lab and TV studio which are lead by extremely talented teachers. Just this year Barrett was selected to offer the foreign language "FLES" program and the staff and students made the transition remarkably well.

Barrett is a wonderful school. The teachers are top-notch, and the principal is amazing. The community is very welcoming and close knit. The family involvement in the school community is an added bonus. The projects at the class level and the school wide level are fun, creative, and a great way to inspire the kids to learn.

Barrett is an outstanding school withincredibly dedicated teachers, staff and specialists who work with all students. Great programs and services. Fabulous community and activities from the arts, science, and more!

Great school with supportive and helpful staff. Teachers are willing to work with students in many levels.

Barrett has amazing teachers. Both of my children are progressing very nicely. I recommend this school to every parent I meet.