School Reviews

Honestly it's not a good school. I've been here for years as a student and it's horrible. For one thing the school it's self is very unorganized. Two: a few years ago they started to work on a cube sat to send up into space. It cost a lot of money. They clammed the students would have hands on experience with the project, yeah right. The kids who's parents paid the school a " generous donation " where featured in all of the posters and where put in the spotlight. Last year I believe maybe two, the cube sat was launched. Soon after it took one blurry photo and was destroyed in orbit. Next they punish the kids for something one person dose. The principal uses the old " you as a whole " as if that makes us hate her less. She tells us to sit up straight and don't learn so that when we are older in a bored meeting we will be interested. In all honesty I do that but i'm just imaging what she would look like with no hair. Also we have this weird music practice every Sunday were after it's done she gets up and says something like, " you are the luckiest students in all of Virginia. " You can also replace Virginia with, whole wide world, the entire world, the united states, and America.

I agree with the other reviews of how the dedication of faculty is not always there, the lack of transparency on how funds are spent, constantly asking for donations, the drive to make the school larger to fit more kids but the kids in the school will probably not benefit from it, some teachers lack experience not sure how they are screened, the great teachers seem to leave. The ones I liked are gone. I think your voice will be heard by the staff if you fit "in". If not they could care less if you stay or leave the school. I am not one to brown nose. And worst of all in one grade they got 3 new teachers in one year but no explanation as to why. The kids fell behind in learning that year and it was not discussed why those teachers did not last in the school. It seems like that is an internal problem the new teachers were running away from. I feel bad for the kids that lost a year because something was going on that was running of the teachers. I know a child that was totally demotivated from all of it and lost interest in school from it.

The school has hired some good new teachers in the past several years. They have, however grown beyond their capacity to handle increased enrollments. Last school year they had grown to just over 400 students. This year they have grown even more and really don't have the space. A planned expansion is dependent on a funding campaign that seems to be progressing slowly. Teachers are less able to handle to growing class sizes; some long-time families are leaving as a result.

this school has really helped my middle school child grow. The teachers have really taught my child how to experience life at the fullest. I must disagree with some of the other posts because saint Thomas more has become a nurturing place for my child. My child has always been bright and has now paved his future. I believe that the current principal was overwhelmed by all of the good things that the previous principal has done that she didn't know how she could finish them! Over this past year she has proven herself to be more than worthy of her principal title. She welcomed us with open arms to the school and has given my son a personal tour of the school. Saint Thomas more is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your child to grow religiously and academically. There is no possible way this school could get any better! Their classes are rigorous and challenging yet my child still knows what he is doing. I wish my child would've went to this school since he was in Preschool

What I saw happen at STM - after being there for many years - was an increase in enrollment (due to much hard work by the prior principal and parents) and a current principal who completely lacks the leadership and administrative abilities to handle it. We saw increased class sizes, involved families leave, teacher turnover, teachers who seemed to be stressed and unhappy and disgruntled parents who pulled their kids out of school mid year. We felt like it went from a small, happy community to a large bureaucracy, and that is why we finally left. We are very happy at a smaller, well run, Catholic school.

Sad to see this happen.... This school has some great qualities but I agree with some of the previous posts, administration doesn't really seem to care, and if they show they care its really done in a condescending way. Part of teaching children does sometimes involve shaming but not to the extent that they do it at this facility. Punishment or disciplinary action often is extreme when compared to the behavioral infraction. Some of the expectations about behavior are unrealistic for age groups. The academics and the teacher involvement is stellar but the way they handle behavioral problems is disappointing. I can understand why several parents have removed their children as stated in previous reviews here. I remember another parent removing one of her children one year and the next she removed the other two. There exists a rigidity and unwillingness to see things another way. Some of the shaming that they do towards children unfortunately extends to the adults as well which is inappropriate. You don't conduct yourself that way with parents who are responsive and do their best to work with you because they care a great deal. They're ruining school as a fun place to learn and grow.

Few involved parents, Principal who either doesn't listen or doesn't care about serious parent concerns (regardless, they remain unresolved), teachers who humiliate children and, in one case, puts her hands on them as a form of "correcting" their behavior. Strict is one thing, abusive is another. Small classrooms reflective of exodus of families. The Diocese (and parents) should really expect more of The Cathedral School.

I m pleased with the education my children have received and I can t say enough about how dedicated and caring their teachers have been. I love the pride they have in their students, and appreciate the extra time they've spent to address special concerns. Parents asked for after school enrichment classes. It happened. My kids love The Science Seed, Drama, Tiny Chefs, and Lego Robotics. We haven't tried Yoga or Chess. Parents asked if we could help in the classroom more, and that happened. I ve set up math games, helped with a Halloween party and supervised in the Computers classroom while students learn about the satellite they re building. Yes, it s a Catholic school with strict rules, and that s what we wanted. It s also a place where manners count and values matter. I like the way you meet any middle school student and you're greeted with a handshake, direct eye contact and a polite introduction. btw, the largest elementary school class is 3rd grade: 23 students. The largest middle school classes are 6th and 7th grades: 28 each. Like others who posted, we could send our kids anywhere, but we are happy with our choice to send them to St. Thomas More.

What an awful place. The principal is a horrible administrator, has no clue what's happening in the classrooms. She is unwilling to address parent feedback or to make proposed changes. Suggestions are viewed as criticism/attacks on the way they do things. The teachers and principal shame the kids. The things some of the teachers say to the kids have left me slack-jawed. There is no respect or appreciation for the students. It doesn't even seem like anyone who works here LIKES kids. What a mess. Those who stay do so saying, "This is the devil we know," fearful of leaving here and ending up in another lion's den. Not likely they'd find a worse school. The same parents volunteer for everything and end up getting burnt out. There is no enthusiasm to participate in anything and the PTO is a joke. Can't believe we stayed as long as we did. My kids were emotionally scarred at this place and are SO happy elsewhere.

Horrible, horrible principal. Now that we are gone and experiencing a well run school, I can't believe we didn't leave earlier.