School Reviews

Terrific, All three of my girls went to WL and had a terrific experience. They went to great colleges. They were all in the IB program which I do not see mentioned up top in the ratings system at all. In fact totally surprised about the ratings here. This seems totally out of whack and not a valid way to rank any school. I have no idea how you all rank or what credentials your group even has. This looks like a site that is not relevant anymore since this ranking is so far from reality.

We are a military family and move often, so my children have attended a number of different schools all over the country. My daughter has had a wonderful experience thus far at WL High School! The teachers and staff have been excellent. Communication between teachers and parents is constant, as well as communication between the administration and parents. My daughter is enrolled in the IB program, and it has been an enriching experience. There is an abundance of extra-curricular activities. The population is diverse. Overall, we could not be happier!

W-L has outstanding programs and college readiness opportunities for students. Students are assigned to learning communities and are provided support. Outstanding extra curricular opportunities are available for students. Beautiful facility and excellent location to public transportation.

Great teachers and friendly students makes this a safe and welcoming place to learn and excell.

This school has lots of honors opportunities for students. Specifically the school offers both AP and IB classes, which is very unusual.

I graduated from Washington-Lee last year and I have to say I had a very good experience. The IB program challenged me like no other and really prepared me for college. I feel like my writing, analyzation, and communication skills surpass many of my peers at my University. The teachers I had were very good. The students really cared about their education and there was a great sense of communal academic strive. The school is super diverse but many friend groups tend to segregate themselves based on race and social status which is common in every high school. There are many diverse friend groups though. There wasn't a day where I didn't hear a foreign language being spoken in the hallway. My main complaint is that the administration cares much more about the schools reputation and will sweep the concerns of students under the rug to save it's reputation. And also the counseling department is less than impressive. Other than that I enjoyed my four years there and am so glad I chose to go WL.

I love this school! It is great and has magnificent teaching. I would suggest parents to send their children here.

I love this school. I went to school in colorado my fresh and soph year and there was nothing good about that school. I thought high school was just supposed to suck. This school is the complete opposite. I love my classes, I love the teachers, the kids are also great around here. I have nothing negative to say.

I am a senior at Washington-Lee and I first moved to Arlington before the start of my freshman year. I moved from a town where the entire student body was Catholic and white. W-L is the opposite. I enjoyed going to school with such a diverse student body. One time I was part of a presentation on diversity in English class, and ironically every one of the five people in my group was of a different ethnicity. In addition to the diversity, the faculty is so dedicated to the students and making their experience as enjoyable and successful as possible, teachers included. The classes at W-L are as rigorous as you want them to be, depending upon if you choose to take AP or IB classes and how many. I truly treasure my experience at W-L and I am proud to say I will be W-L alumni in only three months!

washington lee is one of the most amazing schools you can ever go to! the students, teachers, and classes are beyond amazing, and now i regret ever moving away. the kids are top notch, and are excited about being involved, and the positive peer pressure can reallly help students