School Reviews

This school is very nice it takes care of all the kids it is very very good school . Thank you so much. *****

Can't be more than happy with this school. Moved into this area 2 years ago. Wonderful teachers, outstanding Principal, and, overall, a close knit environment, always watching out for each other.

Long Branch Elementary is an excellent school! Our son, who grew up as a bilingual child speaking Russian and Uzbek, but not English, started kindergarten there in Fall 2015. Within only two months, he started speaking English fluently. I'm impressed how he and his classmates are learning so fast. Math, reading, writing. By the end of kindergarten, our son reads the "I Can Read" series books. Our son's teachers Mrs. Manzano and her team are wonderful teachers. They are so caring, and they give plenty of feedback. Thank you! We also like how diverse the school is. In our son's classroom, there are students from pretty much each continent. They come from families with different backgrounds: diplomats, military, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other professions. We love volunteering for field trips and classroom activities.

LongBranch is a wonderful place to work. The administration and staff work effectively together to create a safe and fun learning environment. I am so happy to be there, and the kids I teach are genuinely happy too.

Long Branch is an excellent school. Our son has done very well at this school which is run by an outstanding Principal. Parents, teachers, and the community collaborate to make this one of the best schools in the area.

Long Branch is an exceptional school. It's got a remarkably effective principal who attracts and retains and extraordinarily talented and dedicated staff. What's best for the kids gets put first at Long Branch. I feel so fortunate to have had my kids get their start here. It's an exceptional school.

Average rating for a public school. Teachers, counselor, principal try, but it doesn't quite make it, especially for the gifted.

We tried Long Branch. It worked okay for a while. There were some cliques and some sneaky physical type bullying. The school tried to be responsive, but it just kept coming back. The teacher seemed a little insecure about her own education and was very reactionary (with yelling, etc.). Maybe it just wasn't for us.

My daughter started Kindergarten at Long Branch this year and I cannot be happier with her teacher, all the other art, music, and word study teachers as well as the principal and parent involvement. This school is very diverse with students from all over the world, and is a great place to foster growth and understanding. My daughter loves this school and has come home using words such as elaborate which for a 5 year old is great. They have a big emphasis on vocabulary and reading and I truly notice that in the 4 months she is there, she has started to read better and better everyday. I also have a friend who has her son here in 5th grade and he has also had a great experience.