School Reviews

My son went to this Montessori for 2.5 years and I can see the difference in him and other kids oh his age around me. Being 4 years old he is able to do all the kinder garden activities. I can see him reading 2nd level reading books and doing kindergarten math at 4 years of age. I was surprised when I saw my kid doing the carry forward addition for the first time :-) at 4 years of age. Thanks to the Montessori staff who gives personal attention to each kid and very friendly with kids. Now I am moving to new house and I am worried I can find the similar level preschool for my kid.

I have two children in the school, ages 1 and 3. The three year old has been in for over a year and a half and has learned both life and academic skills. She is already doing Kindergarten level work. The 1 year old has only been in the school for a few months but has improved dramatically in feeding herself, putting toys away, and communicating. I recommend this school highly.

We have loved this school! We have a 4 year old and a 1 year old who have attended for the last year. The teachers are kind and are able to teach the kids amazing things - especially in terms of the montessori activities and even cleaning up after themselves! The 1 year old class is loving and playful, while still working on important developmental milestones. The 4 year old class works on more serious skills and learning as well as focusing on good behavior. The teachers kindly tell us when our child is misbehaving for us to continue reinforcing the conversation at home about proper behavior. The school lunches are also a great feature! Much less work for mom and dad. We love them!

We moved here in April for my husband to start a job with the State Dept. This school came highly recommended from other State folks, but was pricey for us. My 19 month old son had speech delays and I was concerned about putting him in a more structured preschool. My concerns quickly disappeared as soon as he started here. The director communicated with me regularly about his progress, and the teachers worked very closely to make sure he was comfortable. They are very warm and hands on with the kids. I watched through the window one day and saw them comforting a little girl who missed her mommy. They held her until she was smiling again. They are very attentive on the play ground with the children and engage them in play. More than just teaching, they make sure the kids get love and attention too. This is very important at this stage in development. It was a very pricey school for us, but well worth the sacrifices we made financially for him to attend. He's speaking so much more, and runs into school every morning. That's the sign of a happy boy!