Social Media marketing solutions for selling real estate for home owners

Social Media

Is social media important? Yes, when used properly. Take a look at most real estate Twitter and Facebook streams and you’ll most likely see nothing but property listings. social media real estate marketing selling homes

Social media is a conversation and participation is necessary. We maintain some of the most active real estate social media presences on the web. We have thousands of fans on both Twitter and Facebook, as well as thousands of video views on YouTube for our property and neighborhood tours.

We market our listings within social media from a neighborhood news perspective. This, along with our loyal friend base ensures our status updates are shared many times over.

Blogs & Microblogs

real estate blog marketing micrblogs wordpress home sellingBlogs are great. Search engines love them and consider their content ‘news.’ Therefore, unlike a standard web page, blog pages are indexed by search engines much faster. We start our marketing campaign by blogging a press release of your listing. Within 72 hours, typing your property address into Google will result a 1st page result for your home on our website.

In addition, we maintain microblog presences on the following services: TypePad, Blogger, Live Journal, Tumblr, Multiply, Plurk, Xanga, Identica and Blellow. Our news and blog updates are instantly and automatically shared across all of these sites.

Newsletter & RSS Feed

real estate rss feeds newsletter marketing

Each week our real estate newsletter reaches thousands across Washington, DC and features the latest in local market conditions, real estate listings, open houses and company news.

Your home is prominently featured in every newsletter issue during the term of our listing agreement.