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Buying Washington, DC Real Estate

Choosing M Squared as your consulting broker will save you time, money and headaches. At M Squared, we do things different. We started this company with technology as the foundation. Being in the industry for years, we became frustrated with out-of-touch many brokerages have become with regards to today's marketplace. We believed buying DC real estate could be easier and more efficient.

Our online presence @ MSQRealty.com provides buyers with advanced tools to save, compare and track properties of interest and handles over 20,000 property searches each month.

Buyers utilizing our website can also create saved searches and be notified instantly when new properties are introduced to the marketplace. Our mobile application is compatible with all smartphones and utilizes GPS search to locate nearby properties for home seekers on-the-go.

We look forward to assisting you with your DC home search and purchase. Take advantage of our online tools & resources...

buying washington dc real estate homes for sale
Step 1
Create your Buyer Account
It's fast and free to create your buyer account.  You're under no obligation to work with us, but by creating your account, you'll be able to take your search to new heights.  Once your account is established, you'll be able to save properties of interest, and create saved searches to automatically notify you of new listings matching your search criteria. 

Create your account today to get the most out of your search. Click Here

buying washington dc real estate homes for sale
Step 2
Searching For Homes on our Website

Ok, so you're ready to start looking.  No need to wait.  Using our website, you can search every property in Washington, DC with just a few mouse clicks.  Since you've already created your free account, you'll be able to save properties and searches later.

We offer a few different ways to search.  First, there is the Neighborhood Search.  Here, you can select multiple neighborhoods that are of interest, along with your property criteria.  If you want to take your search a bit further, try our Zip Code search.  In Washington, DC many neighborhoods have overlapping zip codes.  Lastly, there is the Map Search.  Here, you can draw your exact search area using an interactive map of Washington, DC.  

To start your property search, Click Here

buying washington dc real estate homes for sale
Step 3
Saving Property of Interest

So you ran your search and you see some stuff you like.  How are you supposed to keep track of all these listings?

Simply click the 'Save Property' button next to listings you like.  This will add the listing to your profile.  When you are logged into our website, you'll see a user menu bar at the top of your screen that reads 'My Saved Searches, My Saved Properties, Edit My Information, Log Out'  Clicking the 'My Saved Properties' will load any properties you have saved.  

From this window you can sort, add notes, and remove previously saved listings.

buying washington dc real estate homes for sale
Step 4
Saving Pre-Defined Searches

Just as you can save properties, you can save a search.  No need to come back daily and search for new listings. Let our website do it for you.  Simply perform a regular search using any of our search interfaces.  Once your results appear, click the 'Save Search' button at the top of the screen.  This will automatically save your search, and send you new listing announcements when new property becomes available matching your search criteria.

You can save multiple searches with various criteria.  Clicking the 'My Saved Searches' button on your user menu bar will allow you to edit, rename, and schedule your e-mail delivery options.

buying washington dc real estate homes for sale
Step 5
Go Mobile

If you're on the go, consider taking advantage of our mobile application.  Our app is compatible with all smart phones including iPhone, Android & BlackBerry.  Once installed, you can locate property where you stand using GPS, on-location services.  Search using advanced criteria, just like on our website.  Installing our mobile app is simple and convenient for locals looking for a new home.

Download our mobile application to your device, Click Here

buying washington dc real estate homes for sale
Step 6
Get Fed with RSS

M Squared is proud to be the first real estate brokerage in Washington, DC to offer RSS feeds of neighborhood listings.  Using your favorite RSS reader, you can subscribe to any of our feeds for instant alerts of new property.  Feeds are available for neighborhoods, types of property, zip code, days on market, and a variety of additional criteria.  Browse our feed directory for a complete list.

Browse our RSS feed directory, Click Here

buying washington dc real estate homes for sale
Step 7
Relocating to Washington, DC?

If you're relocating to Washington, DC or new to the area, be sure to check out our Neighborhood Directory.  Each neighborhood is complete with recent real estate stats, featured listings, neighborhood news, photo galleries, area attractions & businesses as well as school information.  Your M Squared consultant will be able to assist you in determining the best neighborhood for your lifestyle and needs.

Browse our DC neighborhood directory, Click Here