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Neighborhood News

Neighborhood News, Events & Reviews from Around Washington, DC

Feb 27

Homemade Pizza Co. Comes to Georgetown

Although the Homemade Pizza Co. has five other locations in the DC area, I’ll readily admit to never hearing of them or even noticing that I’ve walked by one. That was until they opened their latest shop in my neighborhood and a held three day long celebration featuring free pizza, salad and the owners grilling (yes, grilling) up their za and chatting the locals. Unlike most pizza joints, Homemade Pizza Co. doesn’t serve you hot out of the oven pizza. Instead they sell bake-at-home pizzas made … [Read more...]

Feb 23

DC Mythbusting: The Washington Monument

George Washington was born 279 years ago today, and for the past 126 years our city’s skyline has been dominated by a tribute to him.  The Washington Monument is an iconic piece of architecture, but there are so many myths and legends about it that it could be one of the most misunderstood monuments in the city.  Here’s a collection of our five favorite myths about the Washington Monument. 1. There’s a law in Washington DC that states that nothing can be taller than the Washington Monument. … [Read more...]

Feb 23

We Love Arts: Fuddy Meers

Playwright David Lindsay-Abaire enjoys his plays with a side order of surreality. Whether it’s the science fiction undertones of Rabbit Hole or the mysterious conditions afflicting his protagonists like in Kimberly Akimbo, the perspective of Lindsay-Abiare’s works are distorted at best. This holds true in 1st Stage’s production of Fuddy Meers, where the set takes on a jigsaw puzzle motif. That’s because Lindsay-Abaire never makes it easy for the audience, as they join the protagonist in … [Read more...]

Feb 22

Food and Friends 15th Annual Dining out for Life

The 15th Annual Dining out for Life on March 10th is right around the corner. More than 150 restaurants across the DC-area will donate portions of the day’s proceeds to Food and Friends. And all you have to do is eat at one of the restaurants. For those who don’t know, Food and Friends delivers meals to DC residents who are living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other debilitating illnesses. Last year, they raised $270,000 from Dining out for Life. Participating restaurants can donate anywhere from … [Read more...]

Feb 19

2011 Capital Wine Festival

The second annual Capital Wine Festival, which will feature more than 50 wines from around the world, will kick-off with a grand opening reception on Jan. 20 followed by a series of eight winemaker dinners through March 23. These intimate, four-course winemaker dinners will be hosted by either the winemaker or the proprietor. January 20, 2011 – Grand Opening ReceptionFebruary 2, 2011 – Poggio al Tesoro Winery and San Polo Winery hosted by Leonardo LoCascio and Marilisa AllegriniFebruary 9, … [Read more...]

Jan 26

About that vacant DC property…

There’s a possibility that you got a letter in the last week from the DC Office of Taxation and Revenue about your property taxes, and you opened it, like me, to discover “Oh shit! They’re gonna raise my property tax because they think no one really lives here!” That’s right, DC OTR sent out letters to all vacant property owners about the upcoming tax assessment period, and it may have caught some people unaware.  DC maintains a significantly higher property tax rate for vacant properties, … [Read more...]

Jan 25

DC Mythbusting: DC Flag

We love seeing how the District ranks against other cities (not against entire states, thank you very much), especially when we come out on top.  So here’s another first place trophy for DC: the best-designed city flag.  Back in 2004, the flag experts of North America (called vexillologists) came together and voted on their favorite city flags, and DC was voted to have the best city flag out of all of them. We’re number one!  Interestingly,  in second place was Chicago, with a design that looks … [Read more...]

Jan 22

Five Favorites: Tools for Getting Around DC

We’ve come a long way from the days of highlighting a route on a paper map to get from Point A to Point B. And in a big city like Washington, there are so many ways to get around: walking, biking (your own or a shared bike), taking transit, driving, Segway-ing, etc.  But with so many options, it’s often difficult to figure out what the shortest/fastest/easiest way to get somewhere is.  Lucky for us, there are lots of great tools out there that make it a whole lot easier to get around the city. … [Read more...]

Jan 20

We Love Food: Tackle Box

Though I live in the general area, I don’t spend much time on M St. in Georgetown. It’s not that I have anything against it, except that I run the risk of driving myself in to serious debt every time I walk down the street. Intermix, your siren song calls to me. There is one place that I’m willing to risk credit card debt for, and thy name is Tackle Box. Tackle Box is the cooler little brother to its snooty boarding school sister, Hook, next door. While Sis spends her days rolling her eyes at … [Read more...]

Jan 18

When Restaurant Week Isn’t Cheap Enough

One of the complaints I have about Restaurant Week is that while three courses for approximately $35 is a deal in a lot of places, I’m still not going to get out of the restaurant without plopping $50 down once we’re counting tax and tip and God forbid a glass of wine. Though I think a Restaurant Week reservation at places like Adour, J&G Steakhouse and Westend Bistro is a total coup, for the most part I’m spending just as much money on Restaurant Week as I would on a normal night out at the … [Read more...]