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Our Intranet: One Brokerage, Under the Cloud

One Brokerage, Under the Cloud

Our Intranet is our office. It’s where things get done. From client management and marketing, to quickly keeping track of your email and appointments, you’ll find everything you need is just a click away.

The Dashboard

Login to the intranet and be greeted by The Dashboard, where you can quickly access the services you use most: MRIS Matrix, Docusign, Zip Forms and Centralized Showing Service from the “Agent Toolbox.” Right below, you’ll find quick links to communicate with operations, where you can create a property listing or process a sales transaction. You’ll see your latest email and day’s itinerary on the right. This data is pulled directly from your Google Apps powered company email and calendar in real-time.

Client Management

Manage all of your clients with ease. Add new clients or update those existing. Quickly sort by client type, source or status, and create exports to use with all of your favorite data merge programs, or external CRM programs, such as Highrise or Salesforce.

Transaction Management

Quickly process new transactions and close those pending. Upload your .pdf sales contract, answer some questions, and you’re done. Your pending transactions remain in queue until your closing. To finalize, upload the HUD-1, review the property information, and click “close transaction.” Your closed transactions are indefinitely stored on your cloud. Quickly access all of your sales contracts, for all of your transactions, forever.

Marketing Management

Most of the marketing you’ll ever need or want will be done without you ever having to ask. We’ll talk more on that later. Re-order business cards and property brochures (for which there’s never a charge), grab more sign riders, create an e-blast or schedule a sales letter at your convenience. Planning a client appreciation event or a homebuyers’ workshop? You can do that too. Best of all, we won’t let the details fall through the cracks. For every marketing job created on the intranet, a work order is created that you and our marketing department have access to. It’s right there in your “pending” marketing queue. All communication between you and the marketing department is saved along with the work order, for your review.

The Wall

Stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the field and at the office with The Wall. Much like the one you use on that big social network, M Squared’s Wall lets you share quick updates and comment on on others’, from a price reduction on one of your listings, to neighborhood news, or just to vent. The Wall allows you to communicate with our entire company, one update at a time.

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