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Reinventing the Real Estate Office

Reinventing the Real Estate Office

It’s time to forget everything you know about the typical real estate office. You know, the cramped, little cubicles with those slow, outdated workstations. The copy room, where you spend countless hours printing brochures, or that sales letter you spent all night typing. And who can’t recall driving halfway across town to turn in a sales contract or attend a weekly office meeting?

At M Squared Real Estate, there’s none of that. We understand that a real estate agent’s job is not done at a desk. That’s why we developed a cloud-based, intranet that enables you to conduct any activity you would at the office, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Even printing those brochures, getting out that sales letter, turning in that contract, or attending an office meeting, can be done remotely.

Our brick and mortar client centers are available to serve you and your clients, whenever you need them. Each client center houses a full-time support staff, private and communal work areas, conference rooms and a lounge environment where you and your clients can preview properties and plan showing tours on large touch-screen monitors.

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