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Pre-Listing Staging & Renovation Services

Pre-Listing Staging & Renovation Services

Staging Services

After Staging ServicesBefore Staging Services

Homes professionally staged sell 83% faster than those not staged. M Squared Real Estate, in partnership with J Hodges & Associates, provides professional staging services for all company listings, at no cost to the listing consultant.

When you list a vacant home, you can request staging services while processing your listing on the company Intranet. Our marketing team will schedule an initial staging consultation, where we can select appropriate furnishings to better position the property before offering.

Properties remain staged for the duration of the listing agreement.

Renovation Services

Pre-Listing Project Renovation Estimate

Sometimes minor, pre-listing property renovation can result in less time on the market and a higher sales price. At M Squared, we give you the ability to provide all of your clients with a complimentary renovation review and proposal. From recessed lighting, to new floors, our contractors and support staff will draft a proposal showing the recommended changes, and how they will affect time on market and sales price.

Renovation services can be requested while processing your listing on the company Intranet.

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