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M Squared Maintains a Social Network of over 30,000 Friends & Followers

A World of Social Media, with You in the Middle

Corporate Social Media

M Squared maintains a social network of over 30,000 friends and followers across 70 targeted social media presences, generating over 2,000 weekly web visits. Company consultants can take advantage of our SocialAgent technology to automatically share and disseminate their listings and original blog articles to a targeted, developed following of engaged users, driving traffic to their individual agent websites.

What is SocialAgent?

Consultant Facebook Page

Think of SocialAgent as a syndication service for the blog articles you write. In much the same way we use listing syndication to disseminate property information to hundreds of online real estate portals, SocialAgent does the same with your original thoughts and contributions.

SocialAgent automatically matches the content in your blog, and shares it with a targeted following of interested readers. Sharing a photo and write-up of a new restaurant opening in Dupont Circle? SocialAgent will automatically push your content to our Dupont Circle presences, reaching thousands of friends and followers.

SocialAgent goes even further by sharing news matching your targeted neighborhoods onto your profile. This information is sourced from hundreds of online publishers, resulting in a balanced mix of your original content and neighborhood news that is relevant to your followers.

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