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Open House Touch by M Squared Real Estate

Open Houses & Broker Opens

Urban Open House Kit

Open House Sign & Balloons

After we aggressively advertise your open house through email and social media, our support staff stops by and drops off an Urban Open House Kit, which can remain at the property for the duration of the listing agreement.

Each kit contains tools and supplies to assist you during your open house, including: Interior Directional Signs (for lobbies and hallways), Bottled Water, Small Helium Tank, Balloons and a Tablet Keyboard for use with Open House Touch. Exterior directional signs are complimentary, and can be stored at the property or in your vehicle.

Open House Touch

Open House Touch

Open House Touch is a complete control panel to manage your open house. Going beyond simple visitor registration, the software gives you one-touch access to a variety of data to better assist your open house visitors.

With a touch of your finger, you can display and share listing information, nearby comparative properties, nearby open houses and neighborhood market statistics. When a visitor registers, he/she receives all of this info in an email, along with your contact information.

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