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Sep 04

Join M Squared Real Estate at Agent Reboot, Washington DC

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Agent Reboot Washington DC

M Squared Real Estate (Inman Agent Reboot Ambassador) cordially invites you to Agent Reboot Washington, DC 2012! Watch this short video from Katie Lance and Chris Smith for the Top 5 Reasons you should attend Agent Reboot.

Register for Agent Reboot, Washington DC

Agent Reboot gives you a competitive edge in building your online presence. The tips will save you time, money and generate more online activity.

Join Us in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at the Bethesda North Marriott, to become an online leader in the DC real estate market.

National Speakers, Local Experts

Agent Reboot unites renowned national experts and local professionals in your city so our content is always relevant to your market.

Interactive Presentations

Forget boring, canned presentations. Whenever possible, our presenters give live demonstrations in real-time. Our panels are lively and often controversial (just check out the conversation on Twitter at #agentrb). And there are plenty of goodies throughout, including giveaways from our sponsors.

97% of Agents Give Reboot a Perfect 10

In dozens of cities across the United States and Canada, Agent Reboot attendees give the event a perfect 10 for content, focus, logistics and most of all, practical tips you can use to take your business to the next level. Simply put, Agent Reboot gives you more bang for your buck.

We Make $49 feel like a Great Deal!

Between the online toolkit for attendees (filled with special offers just for Agent Reboot attendees), downloadable presentations, and event giveaways, this event should be priced at $249. (But we know you¹ll adapt.)

Social. Mobile. Tech. Video. Gadgets. Blogs.

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About Dominic Morrocco

Dominic Morrocco, Co-founder of M Squared Real Estate and one of the nation’s leading real estate technology developers, currently oversees the company’s technology and marketing divisions. Read More...