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Apr 04

The Urban Open House Kit : A Closer Look

The Urban Open House Kit

M Squared’s Urban Open House Kit makes running open houses a breeze.  Let’s take a look at the contents:

  • 1 – Personal, lightweight helium tank
  • 16 – Red & white balloons w/ logo
  • 1 – One packet of easy-tie balloon string
  • 1 – Pair of scissors to cut said balloon string
  • 10 – Bottled waters, ready to quench thirst
  • 10 – Inside, easy-mount directional arrow signs for hallways, lobbies and common areas
  • 1 – iPad w/ integrated Bluetooth keyboard for sign-in (runs property-specific sign-in application, developed by M Squared)
  • 1 – “Please Register” sign w/ stand
  • 1 – Selling with M Squared, 26-page marketing portfolio to share with visitors interested in selling their property
  • 1 – Lightweight, messenger bag with carrying strap to transport all of the above.  Packed and ready for pickup.

Urban Open House Kits can be picked up by consultants at any M Squared client center.  Simplifying open houses, one listing at a time.


About Dominic Morrocco

Dominic Morrocco, Co-founder of M Squared Real Estate and one of the nation’s leading real estate technology developers, currently oversees the company’s technology and marketing divisions. Read More...